Whitepaper: The Importance of Women in the Workplace

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June 8, 2015
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June 15, 2015

As today’s workplace dynamics continue to shift, it is of little surprise that women continue to establish themselves in the workforce. According to Judith Warner’s “Fact Sheet: The Women’s Leadership Gap – Women’s Leadership by the Numbers,” women now:

  • Receive more degree certifications than men
  • Receive approximately half of all law and medical degrees
  • Make up approximately half of the overall talent pool

In spite of growing numbers in the workforce, the distribution of women remains uneven across the board. According to the National Women’s Business Council, while women-owned businesses are more common in health care, social services, education, administration, retail, and recreation, women are still highly underrepresented in business management and manual labor fields.

This presents a growth opportunity for many industries that might benefit from more diverse work environments, urging them to remove common roadblocks for female employees.

In this Whitepaper, we will examine the ways in which companies can produce and maintain such work cultures.

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