[WHITEPAPER] Making Contact: The Do’s and Don’ts of Candidate Conversation

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April 19, 2013
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Research consistently shows that emotional connections are central to what makes people want to share stories, engage in conversation, and create a lasting impression.

The Mehrabian Formula, an age-old paralinguistic methodology, points out that nearly half of a message from person to person is in the way the words are said, not just what they said. True communication goes beyond the spoken word and involves emotion, sensitivity, and engagement.

In a recent Pew Research Study, 13% of American adults admitted to texting or playing games on their phone to prevent interacting and engagement in social situations. Instead of trying to employ meaningful conversation, many professionals have taken to passive tendencies of hiding and avoidance.

Emotional connections with candidates are critical to creating high satisfaction and engagement rates and should be critical for every recruiter. In today’s recruiting circles, the focus has too often become how to automate this connection through avoidance and passive tactics, causing recruiters to remove themselves from the process more and more.

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Many recruiters today avoid basic relationship steps because they “don’t have time” to build personal and emotional connections with their candidates.

In a tech-heavy world, it’s become far too easy to forget about building sincere relationships. These seemingly simple concepts have gotten lost in translation. Getting back to the basics of maintaining contact with a candidate and engaging in genuine conversation can be extremely beneficial in an era where nearly everyone has forgotten how.

The latest Qualigence Whitepaper discusses the various ways in which a Recruiter and Hiring Manager can work together to best make contact with a candidate, and how to maintain that contact while remaining genuine, engaged, and interested.

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