What the Google+ Email Changes Mean for Recruiting

January 13, 2014
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January 17, 2014

Google has announced a drastic change to Google+

The change allows users to send an email to anyone so long as they both have a Gmail and Google+ account. The user does not need to know the email address.

On social networking sites such as LinkedIn and elsewhere, the change has sparked some outcry from users who are concerned about their privacy. The new capability, which can open the door to solicitation, can be reversed through the user’s Gmail account settings.

But what does this ability to email virtually anyone you want mean for recruiting?

The ability to send emails to any G+ connections could open many doors for social sourcing. Recruiters now have the ability to personally reach out to their connections with more than a LinkedIn Inmail, connecting with the potential candidate on a more intimate scale.


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On the other hand, this type of social sourcing can be downright dangerous.

Too much solicitation from recruiters could lead to a bad reputation and complaints.

Much like the dangers of Overpost Syndrome, Gmail could be the next overfished pond if all recruiters try to take advantage of this new option. Instead of building two-way relationships, inboxes could be flooded.

With any social sourcing medium, don’t just take from the community; be sure to give. Interaction needs to be a two-way street in order to build genuine professional relationships with candidates and clients.

Social sourcing tools such as Gmail can be a great resource when leveraged correctly.

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