Understanding Data Services vs. Competitive Intelligence

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March 31, 2015
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The Hunt for Talent is Changing

As the competition for top talent increases in today's candidate driven market, Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals are exploring different ways to uncover talent not being noticed by everyone else. While many alternative avenues can have beneficial components, it's crucial that today's industry professionals fully comprehend the difference between obtaining standard data sets or lists and exclusive, verified competitive intelligence.

Email Lists
One option for some traditional recruiting firms is purchasing an Email List. These lists, which typically include names and e-mail addresses, are provided by a third party organization and distributed at bargain prices based upon price and not always value.

While obtaining email lists can be beneficial for sales and marketing purposes, a risk associated with this type of data augmentation is the small percentage of accuracy. Purchased email lists are often the result of a "data dump" that may have taken place in the third party's system years ago, with many of the candidates on the list no longer at the company listed.

This inaccuracy can lead to confusion and frustration in addition to poor email bounce rates and unsubscribes, potentially damaging the organization's reputation as a trusted thought leader.

Data as a Service
Similarly, some third party data companies are touting their data acquisition services as an alternative way for companies to access unique and hard to find information by utilizing internal, offline, and behavioral data.

While these types of data services can glean some pertinent information from Big Data sources, it rarely comes with a guarantee that the information is entirely accurate. Many of the aggregated list or data services are automated, unseen by a fact checker prior to being distributed to the client.

These types of lists also tend to be more beneficial to eCommerce or Retail professionals who are interested in transactional and purchasing digital trends, information that may not be entirely relevant to talent searches.


Competitive Intelligence
By utilizing an organization that provides Competitive Intelligence Research, talent acquisition professionals can ensure that the data they are provided is 100% that-day accurate. Unique phone methodologies allow for straight-from-the-source informational accuracy, providing exclusive knowledge that is not being re-distributed to hundreds of other clients.

In addition to uncovering viable candidate intelligence, organizations are able to uncover the company culture, compensation and benefits, structure, and management of competing organizations, gaining a firsthand look into what's working for them to obtain and retain top performers.

For more information regarding competitive intelligence, see our [INFOGRAPHIC].

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