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Creating Company Culture from Values

Crafting your company’s culture into something tangible is no easy task. You might know exactly the values and ethics that are at the foundation of every decision made, but turning it into something you’re proud to hand out on the first day to employees will take time.

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Qualities of Good Recruiters

The modern recruiter knows they’ve got to wear many hats. Gone are the days when a hefty rolodex full of contacts and a phone connection are all you needed to do your job effectively. Today’s recruiters possess a unique blend of people skills, industry knowledge, and have the ability to problem solve quickly.

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3 Reasons to Monitor Employee Engagement

Based on countless studies which have examined the roles of captivated workers, employers are beginning to grasp the ways in which employee engagement truly benefits the organization as a whole. In essence, employers can no longer ignore the overwhelming research: employee engagement is directly correlated with ROI.

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What Do You Value Most in an Employer?

Qualigence International surveyed nearly 1,000 professionals across industries to find out what they value most in an employer.

In this series, we took a look at what candidates are looking for straight from the source, and what today’s companies can do to become a destination employer in today’s candidate-driven marketplace.

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Paychecks and Happiness

Companies that focus on employee happiness will be the ones to come out on top in a market where workers place heavy emphasis on the importance of being satisfied and content in their jobs. In fact, a recent study by Psychology Today found that happiness at work can boost employee productivity by as much as 50%.

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