Top Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Trends in 2017

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As the New Year rapidly approaches, we're reflecting on the rollercoaster ride that was 2016.

Between the ups and downs that characterize business, their respective growing pains, to rewarding success, the end of the year causes many to plan how they can better prepare to meet and exceed goals in 2017.

With careful research, we have identified a few key trends that are likely to characterize the business of people in the next year.

Candidate & Employee Experience Prioritized
According to our research, negative candidate experience is not only common, but publicized. In order to avoid negative publicity, organizations will be looking for immediate ways to change the ways they hire, interview, communicate, and respond to applicants. Priority should be given to a proper response to applicant status to shortening hiring processes. For more ideas on improving candidate experience, check out 3 Tricks to Maintain Candidate Interest.

Invest in Employer Branding
Employers are beginning to acknowledge that reputation and brand equity impacts the attraction of top talent. In fact, according to "Do You Think Your Employer Brand Can Be Ruined by Social Media? - HR in ASIA”, half of all employees claim that they would never “work for a company with a bad reputation - even with a pay increase.” Just as employers research candidates, candidates research potential employers. An organization’s reputation relies heavily on their online presence. Social media can greatly influence employer branding by telling the story of employee and candidate experience far and wide. Maintaining a professional online experience is key to possessing a positive employer brand.


Quality of Hire Metric: Most Valuable Data
In order to truly tell whether a strategy is working, every aspect of it must be measured, but which metric is the most telling when it comes to talent? Organizations are finally catching onto the fact that quality of hire is the most telling metric for talent acquisition performance long term. Our whitepaper discusses a few key methods for increasing this measurement and truly finding the best talent for your organization.

Based on these trends, how will you implement your key strategies for 2017? 

Thank you for reading -- we'll be back with fresh content in the new year!

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