The BAD Recruiter: Tips from Real Candidates on How to do it Right

July 29, 2013
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July 22, 2013
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August 2, 2013

Can you believe these real Recruiter reviews from annoyed candidates?

These real examples from Twitter showcase prime examples of BAD Recruiters. Take these examples as what NOT do to and instead practice these recruiting tactics:

Showing a Little Respect Goes a Long Way
There are basic concepts surrounding respect that are easily forgotten but are timelessly effective:

  • Simplify the process when you can. Don’t overcomplicate things that don’t need to be overcomplicated.
  • Ask for the candidate’s thoughts and feedback. Don’t make it a one-way street.
  • Be friendly. This is such a simple customer service technique that is often overlooked.
  • Be authentic. Show genuine passion and concern for the candidate and their needs. This is often referred to as the “Human Factor.”

When you respect the candidate, the candidate will respect you.

Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Refocus on the “Candidate Experience”
There’s much buzz surrounding how to improve the candidate experience, but actually executing these ideas each and every time is what drives results. You may not be attracting the best possible talent if the focus is on the wrong people and the wrong reasons. To avoid these problems, have a plan prior to engagement. Try these tips at the start of a relationship with a candidate:

  • Make a good first impression and build from there
  • Initiate a conversation about wants and needs firsthand to avoid an awkward mismatch down the line
  • Engage in communication at EVERY step
  • Be curious about their life, their goals, their dreams, but cool it if they want you to back off - avoid Stalker Syndrome!
  • Make good on your promises - follow up, be committed

Be Courteous With their Time
A recent survey by MysteryApplicant revealed that 40% of candidates experience an “unacceptable time lapse” between initial conversation regarding a position and a follow-up conversation. 60% of candidates don’t receive regular updates on their status for the position at all.

Keep the candidate in the loop throughout the entire process, from the initial conversation to the steps the recruiter is taking with the hiring manager of the company to the final offer conversation.

Each and every step should initiate a reaction, whether it is the receiving of their application following conversation, communication about the decision, or calling back about the next steps. These steps will pay off for both of you later.

Treat Them Like They're Unique (Because they Are)
Avoid the harm caused by treating candidates as if they’re all the same. Recognize their feelings, their individual wants and needs, at the start of the relationship. Never make them feel as though you’re doing them a favor.

And lastly, make them feel important.

What other examples of BAD recruiters have you seen?

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  1. John says:

    Was looking at a job posting yesterday from a well known staffing firm here in Dallas. Next to the posting was a picture of the recruiter with a little phone icon that said “Call Me” and then listed her number. Underneath her picture and phone number were social media icons for LinkedIn and Facebook along with the words “Connect With Me”. What could possibly go wrong?
    I called the phone number and the recruiter’s voice message said to send a resume as a way of contacting her. I clicked on the LinkedIn icon and it went to her page – ZERO connections and not one word of profile copy, an entirely blank profile. Clicked on the Facebook icon and up popped my newsfeed. No mention of her anywhere. Nothing less than astonishing and yet they have the power.

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