The 8 Worst Jobs of 2015

April 21, 2015
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April 10, 2015
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April 29, 2015

Does your job make the list?

Career Cast recently released a list of the Top 10 Worst Jobs for 2015, with results based on income and growth outlook metrics.

The roles hurting the most are being heavily affected by technological advances in addition to layoffs, poor pay, and stress.

The 8 Worst Jobs of 2015:


1. Mail Carrier
Income: $41,068
Growth Outlook: -28.32
Reason: Mail on steady decline

2. Newspaper Reporter
Average Income: $36,267
Growth Outlook: -13.33
Reason: Readership moving to digital, decline in advertising

3. Lumberjack
Average Income: $34,110
Growth Outlook: -13.00
Reason: Logging industry tied to print publishing, construction, two fields suffering decline in last 5 years

4. Broadcaster
Average Income: $29,347
Growth Outlook: -1.53
Reason: Competitive market, more syndicated content

5. Cook
Average Income: $42,208
Growth Outlook: 3.08
Reason: High stress

6. Photojournalist
Average Income: $29,267
Growth Outlook: 1.67
Reason: Decline of print outlets, increase in syndicated services

7. Corrections Officer
Average Income: $39,163
Growth Outlook: 4.63
Reason: Danger, stress

8. Taxi Driver
Average Income: $23,118
Growth Outlook: 13.18
Reason: Competitive market - Uber, Lyft

For more information on job satisfaction, see our article Why Employee Happiness Matters.

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