The 5 Most In-Demand Jobs of 2014

January 10, 2014
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January 6, 2014
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January 13, 2014

2014 is already proving to be full of surprises in the labor market. recently released a list of the most sought after positions across all industries, based on analyzing more than 70 million job postings and job boards globally.

Here are the five most in-demand positions for this year:

1. Laborers
This market includes freight, stock, and material movers, as well as most manual labor outside of construction. Many factory positions fall into this category.

As the economy improves, companies are looking to strengthen and fill their labor pipelines. In a post-recession staffing environment, job openings in this sector in particular are increasing at a rapid rate.

2. Accountants
According to, accountants make up one of the largest sectors of above-average paying jobs in the United States.

The average pay for an accountant is more than $30 per hour.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top cities to find an accounting job include White Plains, New York, Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C.

Auditors also fall into this category.

3. Software Developers
With the continuing boom of technology, the demand for positions within this sector is no surprise. This industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, according to the Labor Department.

The need for Software Developers surpasses the demand for other tech jobs such as engineers, net developers, and application developers, according to a 2013 analytics report by Wanted Analytics.

4. Occupational Therapists
CNN Money recently named this career path one of the top 100 best jobs in the nation.

As many as 13 million more Americans will receive health insurance this year.

This change —along with other shifts in the health care landscape — has resulted in a sharpened focus on health care staffing and an increased need for qualified talent in sectors such as occupational therapy.


 5. Operations Managers
Managerial jobs are seeing an uptick in demand as the economy continues to improve.

This category, which includes general managers, has a median salary of about $45 per hour, according to Time.

Restaurant and hotel management hiring, particularly food and beverage administration, has seen a sharp increase in demand for managerial talent, according to a report by OnTargetJobs.

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