‘Texting for Talent’ Trend Comes With Positives and Negatives

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July 30, 2014
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While recruiting continues to become a more mobile industry, text messaging potential candidates is a trend that's entered conversation - and with it, the pros and cons of such outreach.

On the plus side, texting candidates could work to minimize the "black hole" of recruiting, in which candidates fail to hear back about a position for an unacceptable amount of time (or sometimes not at all).

A potential negative to implementing this tactic, however, is that text messaging could be seen as a less professional method of outreach. Texting in lieu of having a face to face or phone conversation also increases the risk of miscommunication.

The conversation about texting candidates is one of many revelations regarding candidate outreach and mobile devices.

A recent study by Simply Hired shows that as much as 70% of candidates are using their mobile phones to find jobs, and as much as 31% of Google searches for “jobs” come from mobile devices. Still, only 23% of employers nationally made mobile candidate outreach a priority last year, according to CareerBuilder.

The survey also found that 65% of candidates who search for jobs via a mobile device will leave the website if it is not mobile-friendly. As it stands, only two percent of Fortune 500 organizations tailor their job applications to mobile users.

The experience and skill level of candidates who are engaging in job searches on mobile also continues to increase. As much as 21% of candidates who make more than $75,000 annually are likely to hunt for jobs via mobile phones. As much as 38% of applications are for executive-level positions.

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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Text messages convert quite good, far better than email messages (Frost & Sullivan 2011).
    If the link in your text message leads to a nice mobile landing page or
    mobile job, you can add a nice ‘Welcome’ video there, explaning what it is
    all about. An example >> http://mjo.bs/58K

  2. Peter – thanks for the plug for your texting platform for recruiting. Its an interesting concept that will most likely see the same fate as email has when another technology comes out. First it was email, then it was inmail, then text – what next? Talent communities on twitter? Wait – we are already there.

    My point is that all of these tools were great until another tool or new technology replaced them or recruiters overused them. There is one means of communication that never goes away, yet is used less and less – our voice. Whether in person or on the phone, there is no electronic medium that can assist in developing a candidate relationship like a real discussion.

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