May 15, 2017
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August 21, 2017

Test- Recruiting

Levels of Involvement

Our recruiting services range from initial qualification of candidates to full placement services, depending on our client’s needs.

Initial Conversation
Our Recruiting Consultants will take the preliminary steps to identify one-on-one interviewers, complete position and candidate profiles, and submit this information to the client for next steps.
Qualification Assessment and Needs Analysis
Our Recruiting Consultants will identify and contact sources, interview peers of candidate, solicit interest, obtain resume/create biography of all interested candidates, and review resumes against candidate profiles (essential, preferred, ideal). We also have the capability of thoroughly managing the client’s ATS System, as requested.
Candidate Development and Engagement
Our Recruiting Consultants will develop a list of interested and qualified candidates, review the candidate list with the client, nurture and maintain working relationship with candidates, prepare candidate qualification briefs, develop interview preparation sheets, and fully comprehend each candidate’s wants, needs, and wishes in relation to the role.
Full Life-Cycle Recruiting
Our full cycle recruiting process includes completing candidate qualification briefs, one-on-one interviews with all A and B rated candidates, evaluating interview results and developing a list of finalists, agreeing on the candidate to be offered the position, and offer presentation/negotiation and follow up with the candidate.
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