Talent Profiles

There may be millions of LinkedIn users, but how many profiles stretch the truth? How many offer up any context? How many ATS are packed with outdated candidate information? When you have mountains of open reqs and your internal resources are at max capacity, you don’t have time to wonder. All you want are accurate talent profiles—names, titles, job functions, experience. The works.

We build all-knowing talent profiles

The difference between a candidate response and a trashed InMail is context. The good news is that our comprehensive talent profiles provide you with the knowledge and framework you need to save time, get more candidate responses, and make more placements.

Our research team hand-crafts targeted talent profiles based on your open roles or pipelines, all of which include:

You don’t have time to spend sourcing in the dark. So, get out of the dark, come toward the light, and let’s build solution-driven talent profiles, together.

Let’s talk talent profiles

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