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Being proactive pays off, and talent pipelines are no exception. Having a ready pool of qualified candidates can return huge dividends in the end, saving both time and money and eliminating hasty hiring mistakes. The trouble with talent pipelines is most hiring managers and recruiters define them differently, resulting in confusion, frustration and missed opportunities. The road to a successful talent pipeline requires clear and well-defined goals.

Talent Pipelines (according to most Hiring Managers)
A pool (or database) of pre-screened applicants interested in working for our organization. When a position opens up, we call them, interview them, and if we like them, hire them.


Talent Pipelines (according to most Recruiters)
A network of talented, qualified professionals with whom you build a relationship. This network may include active job seekers or passive candidates who are assets in their field. Should a position arise at your organization, you immediately engage the network regarding the opportunity to create interest and leads.

How you define and approach the development of your talent pipeline is crucial.

Talent Pipelines in the eyes of a HIRING MANAGER:

  • Based on candidate’s active interest in organization
  • Candidates relevant when needed
  • Relies heavily on candidate’s current skill set
  • Maintained and revisited on a need-to-hire basis
  • Screens as many candidates as fits current or near-future need

Talent Pipelines in the eyes of a RECRUITER:
  • Identifies the right talent early by developing and building an ongoing relationship
  • Creates options for future opportunities and stays ahead of the demand
  • Based on candidates’ overall qualifications, assets in their field
  • Reduces time to fill, disruptions from vacancies
  • Increases diversity, quality of hire

4 Steps to Create and Effective Talent Pipeline:

Know what roles are on the horizon within your organization
and fully understand the position prior to engagement with candidates.

Utilize internal & external resources that uncover the entire talent population in order to fully develop your pipeline with a diversified range of candidates.

Identify the strong points within your pipeline to determine how to obtain the right person, at the right time ,for the right reasons.

Frequently engage conversation and interaction with candidates within your pipeline to avoid any LEAKS of top talent resulting from disinterest.

Planning now for your hiring needs by properly preparing your pipeline will ensure the right talent will be uncovered and available when an unexpected opportunity presents itself.
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