Hybrid strategies are all the rage, with 35 million employees in the US working at a hybrid workplace. While it sounds great on paper, the reality is that like any working environment, there are opportunities and challenges.

If you’re wondering if your hybrid strategy is helping you meet your goals, consider the following.

You’re Losing the Talent War

One of the biggest signs your hybrid approach isn’t working is if you’re struggling to attract and retain top talent.

While there are a variety of different reasons this could be happening – and remote work is no cure-all – hybrid can be a barrier here.

If you’re serious about attracting and retaining the best talent in your field, you may want to consider whether your hybrid strategy plays a part in that.

Whatever the case, you need to find out why you’re behind the 8-ball, since this can have a huge impact on your bottom line and effectiveness as an organization.

There’s Confusion Around Expectations

Are people missing important hybrid days in the office? Alternatively, do people come in when it’s not important or expected, only to find themselves alone in the office?

In this case, your hybrid strategy may be suffering from a lack of clear expectations. Communicate crystal clear guidelines and expectations around when people must be in the office, when they can optionally come in, when it’s fine to work from home and so forth.

It may be worthwhile to cover schedules as well, in case your remote work includes flexible scheduling.

You’re Measuring Productivity by the Punch Clock

Traditionally, many employers have measured productivity by visibility or hours worked. Are employees rewarded simply for working overtime? Do you encourage team members to answer emails at all hours of the day and be highly visible?

Or do you focus on the RESULTS employees deliver in their current role? Some employees may put in less time and be less visible, but deliver dramatically better results than others.

We have to reframe what we view as an effective employee, and communicate our goals and expectations for team members accordingly. Let your teams know that results matter most!

If you’re serious about addressing these challenges and more, schedule a call with us today to learn how we help Fortune 500 organizations meet their talent goals.