If someone is driven to tackle new challenges every day, do you think they’ll be satisfied with a routine and repetitive job? If someone is motivated by brainstorming ideas to solve different problems, do you think they’ll enjoy a role that emphasizes existing procedures?

Obviously, both of these candidates would be a bad fit for those roles. So why do companies keep hiring candidates for positions that don’t fit their drivers? 

The Missing Piece in Recruiting 

Every company interviews candidates for skills, experience, attitude, and so forth.

These are key pieces for successful hiring, but it’s only scratching the surface!

Every person has a unique set of drivers. Some people are driven to collaborate with and interact with other people. Others are more driven to achieve personal goals – think of salespeople who are more focused on being the top earner than they are working on a team.

There’s no such thing as a wrong driver. But there ARE drivers that are more or less compatible for specific positions!

If we want to hire individuals that will thrive on our team for the long-term, we have to find out what drives our candidates and consider whether they truly meet the role. 

Start With Interviewing, Then Leverage Science 

Interviewing is a great place to start for identifying someone’s drivers. It’s easy to ask candidates what motivates them in the workplace, what they enjoy about their current jobs, and so forth. 

But oftentimes, candidates aren’t even aware of their strongest drivers. Alternatively, they may bend the truth in order to snag a job offer.

That’s where science comes in. In today’s day and age, companies have no excuse not to leverage science to better understand their candidates and improve quality of hire.

With the Predictive Index, companies can pinpoint exactly what drives each candidate and even create job targets to ensure you’re maximizing your odds of success. 

Quit Hiring People That Won’t Thrive Long-Term

It’s hard enough to find qualified talent for key roles today. But we make it even harder for ourselves when we hire someone that quits a few months later, or miss out on a great candidate because we didn’t consider candidate drivers. 

It’s time to flip the script. Find out what drives your candidates and watch your quality of hire skyrocket! 

If you’re serious about addressing these challenges and more, schedule a call with us today to learn how we help Fortune 500 organizations meet their talent goals.