Article authored by Qualigence CEO & founder Steve Lowisz

As leaders, we’re always trying to help our teams grow. We’re always looking for ways to help our teams be more successful and deliver better results. What many leaders don’t realize is that our team’s success often stops and starts with our own behavior! 

If you want your team to reach their full potential, you need to make sure you’re giving them what they need from a leader. Here are three key tools your team needs for success.

#1 Your faith and trust. 

We’ve all had a boss that didn’t trust or believe in us. And there’s no doubt about it…it sucks to get that feeling from a so-called leader! 

It’s demotivating to know your boss doesn’t believe in you. You can try to earn their trust through hard work, but usually, they’ll never be happy. No matter how well you do your job, they’ll always step in to micromanage things. In recruiting, you often only get one chance to impress the client. As such, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve fallen into this trap in the past. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and now recognize how crucial it is to fully trust your team.

The fact of the matter is that people often rise to our expectations of them. When we trust someone to excel and place faith in their abilities, they deliver their absolute best. They’re flattered that we believe in them and feel inspired to prove us right. 

If we have low expectations of our team, the reality is they won’t be motivated to prove us wrong. They’ll do the bare minimum to get by and bide their time until they get a new manager or a new job. 

If you want your team to deliver incredible work…place your wholehearted faith and trust in them first. 

#2 The knowledge that it’s okay to fail. 

Nobody wants to fail on the job. Nobody wants to disappoint their superior by trying something that ends up being a waste of resources, time, or money. 

However, we also know that a fear of failure can keep us from achieving maximum results. Failure is a vital part of growth. It’s also necessary for experimentation. For example, in marketing, we must experiment and fail in order to optimize our ROI. Until we try something we don’t know if it will work or not! 

It’s crucial that you let your teams know that it’s okay to fail. Make it clear that you acknowledge failure is a part of the process and that team members won’t be punished for stumbling. By embracing failure in this manner, you can free your team to achieve their full potential. 

#3 A sense of purpose that offers inspiration. 

People will work for money, but they perform for purpose. We can get the bare minimum from our teams by cutting them a paycheck. But if we want to unlock discretionary effort, we have to offer them something more. 

The greatest, most successful leaders offer their teams a sense of purpose. Steve Jobs didn’t just offer his employees a great salary, he offered them an opportunity to change the world with revolutionary personal computers. When we offer our employees a sense of purpose beyond money, they’re inspired to deliver their best on a regular basis. 

If you want to empower your team, give them a reason to be truly inspired in the workplace. Give them a sense of purpose! 

Your Team’s Success Starts With You 

We always hear the phrase “people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.”  

If you’re a leader, I challenge you to embody the exact opposite. Give your employees a reason to stick with you for the long term. Give them the tools they need to excel and thrive in their current positions! Your team’s success starts with you. If you want to learn more about how to get the most from your teams, schedule a call with us today to learn more about our performance solutions powered by the Predictive Index.