Take Your Parents To Work Day Surges in Popularity

October 23, 2013
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October 18, 2013
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November 1, 2013

Do mom and dad really know what you do all day?

According to a LinkedIn survey, as much as 35% of parents don't understand what their children do at work. Many companies are trying to alleviate this confusion by welcoming parents into the workplace.

Companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Logitech, DeutscheBank, and Northwestern Mutual have all jumped on the Take Your Parents to Work Day bandwagon, according to AOL Jobs.

The companies are looking to gain loyalty and productivity by personalizing the workplace experience and letting families into an otherwise unknown part of employees' lives. This effort to retain top talent can also lead to word-of-mouth recruiting.

The move is particularly popular with Generation Y, whom experts say have embraced parental involvement more than past generations.

Still, not everyone is on board with Bring Your Parents to Work Day. Some say having their parents at work would make them feel "infantized" and downplay what they do.

This trend comes at a time when Millennials are embracing another Helicoptor Parenting tactic: Bringing their parents to a job interview. A survey conducted by Adecco found that as many as 8% of college graduates had a parent accompany them on a job interview last year, with 3% actually sitting in on the interview.

An influx of jobs that didn't exist five or ten years ago is a primary factor in parental confusion. According to the LinkedIn survey, the most misunderstood professions are User Interface Designer, Actuary, and Data Scientist. A close fourth is Social Media Manager.

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