Find more candidates with these quick tips.

Unemployment is at record lows and the skills gap is only getting bigger by the minute. If you work in recruiting, you already know how hard it is to find candidates – you don’t need me to give you the rundown.

It’s a candidate’s market, and if you’re recruiting for skilled positions, you’re probably feeling the squeeze like the rest of us. Part of the problem is that everyone’s fishing from the same pond. Every day, legions of recruiters are logging onto LinkedIn to bombard candidates with InMails. So how do we find more candidates who aren’t sick of all the spam?

If we want to find more candidates and make better hires, we have to think outside the box. Here are 5 different ways that will give you an edge on the competition in finding top professionals. 

Use Conference Attendee Lists to Find Candidates

Getting names, titles, and contact information through attendee lists is a great way to find candidates who might not be on LinkedIn. Sure, most everyone is on LinkedIn these days, but not everyone checks it regularly.  

Furthermore, many candidates receive so many messages from recruiters and spammers that they simply ignore messages from anyone they don’t recognize. If you have someone’s phone number or email, contacting them through these channels can dramatically boost your response rate.  

Given that attendees are typically grouped by their professions, this is a great resource for targeting candidates for your role. 

Get Licensed Professional Directories 

Another great analog tool is directories. For professions requiring a license to practice, you can purchase a directory from the state to gain access to the entire talent pool. Again, this gives you another avenue to contact candidates beyond LinkedIn and often provides access to candidates who aren’t on LinkedIn at all. 

Some might scoff at these old school methods…but if your current approach isn’t getting enough candidates, these other strategies can prove quite fruitful. In order to access as much of the talent pool as possible, we should always be utilizing multiple approaches to source candidates. 

Be Smart With Referrals to Find More Candidates

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I already use referrals – everybody does! What kind of sourcing tip is this? But the truth is that all too many recruiters don’t take full advantage of referrals as a method of sourcing candidates. All too often, recruiters get someone on the phone, ask them if they want the job, and immediately ask for a referral when they say no. End of conversation. Frankly, that’s not an effective way to find candidates.

Like with many aspects of successful recruiting, the key is in building relationships. If we ask candidates for referrals without ever taking the time to learn what they care about or what they want out of a role, they’ll know they’re being used. However, if we build relationships with candidates and establish ourselves as an authority on our recruiting niche, people will actually come to us with referrals when we have an open role. It’s all about showing people that you truly care about them beyond filling positions! 

Leverage Pre-Written Emails 

Alright, this one is cheating a little. It’s not really a tool for sourcing candidates so much as it is for building relationships. But as I wrote above, this makes it easier to recruit people and increase our chances for getting referrals.

However, building and maintaining genuine relationships with a wide network of candidates is very time-consuming. One thing you can do to make your job a little easier is to use pre-written emails and schedule them to be sent every few months. You’d be surprised at how much people appreciate a note that’s simply checking in and asking how they’re doing, how they like their new job, etc.  

It only takes a few minutes to set these emails up, but it goes a long way toward establishing good faith between yourself and candidates. 

Third-Party Sourcing Services Are A Great Way to Find More Candidates

If you’re really struggling to find candidates, one of the best things you can do is leverage a third-party sourcing service. More and more companies are turning to sourcing services for recruiting.  

A lot of companies use sourcing services simply because they can’t find enough candidates, but that’s not the only use case. For example, third-party sourcing is incredibly valuable when a recruiting team is understaffed or struggling to keep up with high seasonal demands or new hiring initiatives.  

Here at Qualigence, we offer research-backed sourcing that gives our clients access to 100% of the talent pool. Our services are entirely customized so that we can deliver exactly what you need, whether that’s simply generating lists of candidate names and contact information or pre-screening candidates with basic questions on their background. In a nutshell, it’s all about supporting your existing recruiting team. 

The Candidates Are Out There…You Just Have to Find Them 

It’s true that market conditions are making it harder to find and engage with candidates. However, the fact of the matter is that the right recruiters can still source quality candidates for nearly any role. It just takes a little elbow grease and know-how. 

If you’re looking for more tips on how to source quality talent, please reach out to one of our expert talent consultants.