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For 20 years, Qualigence has been dedicated to empowering businesses with superior talent solutions. We’ve now partnered with Predictive Index (PI) to help companies get the most out of their workforce with a top-tier talent optimization package.

First we use best-in-class behavioral analytics to gain a deep understanding of the needs, motivators, and cognitive abilities of your employees. We then train you to leverage that data to make better hires, better management decisions, and communicate more effectively. It’s a scientifically-validated framework for improving employee retention, engagement, and performance for a stronger business.

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Finding and hiring quality candidates is only half the battle. In fact, if you are unable to engage or retain employees, then the time, money, and resources you put into recruiting is ultimately wasted. The QPS platform provides your team with valuable data on the motivations, personalities, and behavior of your employees. Furthermore, we provide the know-how for leveraging that data to inspire, engage, and achieve incredible performance with your team.

Building and managing teams has long been thought of as an art: a skill without any place for science. The QPS platform changes the game, using scientifically-proven tools to understand and best manage your workforce. Backed by 60 years of scientific data and over 500 validation studies, you can rest assured the P.I. analytical tools will provide accurate insights. Better yet, the framework is objective and repeatable, lending expertise and valuable data for every day hiring and management decisions. Get the best out of your staff with QPS.


68% of employees are disengaged. Let’s fix that.

Qualigence Performance Solutions leverages top-tier behavioral analytics to identify quality hires and achieve next-level performance with your workforce.

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