Software Developer named Top Job of 2013

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May 22, 2013
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May 24, 2013

CareerBuilder has named Software Developer as the job title with the highest growth and most demand this year.

Software Developers, also known as web developers, computer programmers, information security analysts, and computer systems analysts, develop computer applications and systems that allow for a specific task or process on a computer or other digital device.

Approximately 70,872 Software Developer jobs have been added to the workforce since 2010,  a 7% growth rate. According to CareerBuilder data, the majority of developers have earned a bachelor's degree and studied computer science information technology.

The top cities for Software Developers are Washington D.C, Boston, MA, San Jose, CA, and Seattle, Wa.

Closely following Software Developer on the list of Top Jobs are Marketing Specialist (10% growth), Human Resources Specialist, (5% growth), and Accountant (3% growth).

In what other industries have you seen growth this year?

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