Signal is Gone, Search is Enhanced, Thought Leaders are Everywhere: How to Navigate LinkedIn’s Changes

August 2, 2013
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August 5, 2013

LinkedIn has once again introduced a series of changes, most notably the absence of LinkedIn Signal.

Signal, which provided a stream of “professional insights in real time,” was a useful tool for Recruiters and Marketers alike to track trends, news and updates.

But all is not lost. With LinkedIn’s changes come more opportunities to find and be found if utilized correctly.

Here’s a look at some of LinkedIn’s recent changes and how to easily navigate them:

Enhanced Analytics – LinkedIn’s latest Company pages appeal to organizations looking to build brand awareness and increase engagement with potential and current customers and clients. The new analytics track follower growth and clicks, even giving an engagement percentage on each post. The change takes the mystery out of the effectiveness of posts for companies. There’s also an easy-click button to sponsor posts, should users choose to back their efforts with cash.

Inspiration Index – This application allows LinkedIn members to assess their job satisfaction and provides links to inspirational postings and articles based directly on the user’s satisfaction rate. While in reality just another outlet for Thought Leaders, the application provides some interesting statistics regarding inspiration in the workplace, including:

  • We grow more inspired with age. At 45, women surpass men in inspiration levels
  • The least inspired industries are Investment Banking, Plastics, Law Practice, Defense & Space, and Tobacco
  • China has the largest inspiration gap between men and women
  • The average “inspiration rate” among LinkedIn users is 72%

Smarter Searching – Earlier this year, LinkedIn introduced a series of ways to improve talent sourcing, including auto-complete searches, suggested searches, and enhancement to the advanced search function. LinkedIn also added a query algorithm that remembers what you search so that it can post more relevant results.

Alternative to, a running list of updated profiles that updates every 15 minutes or so, can be a useful tool for talent sourcing if the sourcer already has a good idea of what they’re searching for.

What other changes to LinkedIn have you been utilizing? What do you like or dislike about the changes?

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  1. Patrick J. Gallagher says:

    Thanks for sharing alternatives to LinkedIn Signal. Have you checked this link: ? I like your suggestion for using LinkedIn Updates. I just found out that my Tool bar got updated and now I have a drop down list of different searches by category etc. Thanks!

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