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Qualigence International provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of recruitment research, including name generation, organizational charts, and talent profiles. For 20 years we’ve implemented results-driven research processes that maximize speed, efficiency, and talent acquisition.

What clients are saying about Qualigence

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on our name gen, org chart, and talent profile capabilities to shorten time to fill niche roles.

The candidate intelligence was so spot-on that Qualigence took our search process from a 2-month standstill and delivered 5 qualified candidates on a pretty tight timeline.

Liz Lollock, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Strategic Recruiting, Aon

Identifying people specifically with Medicare experience is a very niche skill set and, in my experience, tough to find… Qualigence made finding the right candidates look easy.

Stefanie Thornton, Director, Talent Acquisition, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

We kept coming up short… we didn’t have the time to source more names. We needed an external team to step up and assist with research and Qualigence was a huge help.

Derek Spranger, Recruiting Manager, LTD Commodities


Qualigence International is the largest recruitment research firm in the U.S. We work with companies globally with areas of expertise in healthcare, financial services, pharma, specialty engineering and technology, marketing, sales, and more.

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