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Aligning Wants & Needs of Recruiters & Candidates

In a Recruiter/Candidate relationship, it’s often easy to forget that on each end, there are wants, needs and goals. As the candidate, one can easily feel as though the recruiter is bothersome or should be grateful they were able to get in touch. As the recruiter, it can take patience, understanding and being well in-tune with the candidate’s emotions to get the relationship just right. Keeping in mind that the person on the other end of the conversation is human can help in ensuring that both recruiter and candidate get what they want out of the conversation.

The Recruiter’s Wants & Needs
The recruiter strives to perfectly align a candidate’s wants and needs with the ideal job. The candidate also needs to align with the requisite experience, skills and culture fit of the position. Finding an ideal match does not happen overnight for the recruiter. Reaching out to each potential candidate requires extensive research, thorough exploration and a lot of time and patience. Exploring the talent and passion within a candidate ensures the recruiter can decipher whether the position is a good match. Being respectful of the candidate’s time and goals is essential.

The Candidate’s Wants & Needs
Speaking with a recruiter can be a valuable opportunity. Keeping an open mind and openly expressing the desire for growth and security can help a candidate get the most out of building a relationship with a recruiter. Thoroughness and accuracy are traits that will keep a recruiter interested and spark conversation that could lead to exciting career prospects.

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