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February 4, 2013
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Online dating site eHarmony announced this week its plans to expand into the job search market this year.

But rather than pairing a potential candidate with a company, the site says that it plans to pair candidate to employer, much like its people-to-people pairing in the dating world.

Grant Langston, the VP of customer service for eHarmony, told the press that the same traits people use to determine whether they are a good romantic match can be used in the professional world to determine a good fit for hire.

Langston cited “superficial dating points” such as attractiveness, conversational ability, job status, and socioeconomic status as traits used in the dating world that can be evaluated in the professional world to make a hire. Much like dating trait matchups, eHarmony plans to align a hiring manager or employer with a candidate based on work habits, personality, hobbies, and other more personal metrics.

Researchers at Staffing Industry Analysts are not opposed to the idea. Jon Osborne, VP of research, told the press that sites such as LinkedIn and Monster are lacking the ability to find out whether an employee will truly be a good cultural match for a company.

But aligning eHarmony algorithms with employee retention may prove to be a challenge. The romantic and professional aim is similar: Create lasting relationships. But whether industries will take eHarmony seriously in the professional world is yet to be determined.

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