Remember the Biggest Priority in Recruiting: The Candidate

January 9, 2013
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January 3, 2013
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January 14, 2013

Whitepaper Addresses Alarming Need to Re-Focus This Year

A recent survey conducted by Qualigence International yielded alarming results. The survey asked recruiters and hiring managers about their New Year Staffing Resolutions and what they plan on making their primary focus in 2013.  While over half of the respondents (58%) said ramping up social media was their number one priority, the most troubling part of the survey was that Zero Respondents (0%) said Making Sure the Candidate is Satisfied was their top priority in recruiting.

While there’s still plenty of talk surrounding “The Candidate Experience,” it becomes very easy to shy away from basic concepts in order to put more focus on your own personal gain or the gain of the company. The latest Qualigence Whitepaper explores ways to re-shift the focus back on to the most important part of the recruiting experience: The Candidate.

The Whitepaper discusses possible issues surrounding the arising problem of forgetting about the candidate’s satisfaction in recruiting: Commission Incentive, Lack of Respect, The Cattle Mentality, and a Too Little, Too Late approach to engaging the candidate. It will also explore possible solutions to this growing problem, such as Putting the Candidate First, Building a Relationship, Following the Golden Rule, and Making Good on Your Promises.

Explore the Qualigence Whitepaper Library here.

Download the Whitepaper:

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  1. Laura Buondelmonte says:

    My philosophy has always been that the candidate is the key

    • Marilyn King says:

      Thank you for your thoughts, Laura. We completely agree and our study has unfortunately shown that not as many recruiters feel the same way. Now is a great time for everyone to re-focus on this basic principle!

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