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Only 65% of the talent population is discoverable online. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of recruitment research, including candidate name generation, structured org charts, talent profiles, and competitive intelligence. The key to building strong candidate pipelines and to outdo your competition is to dig deeper using Qualigence recruitment research.

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Structured data

We move beyond unstructured social networks and online databases to find your next best hire. We replace inconsistent sourcing methods with proprietary online, office and various phone techniques to reach the most desirable talent pools and we organize them structurally and securely.

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Recruitment research process, reborn

We’ll never force you into a contract. There’s absolutely no minimum, start, or stop requirements. Whatever amount of qualified candidate information you need is completely up to you. Plus, you have complete ownership over the research once it’s complete.



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The Qualigence team really interacts with the data and paints a picture to give you an idea of what it tells you, not just collecting the data but interpreting it…it allows me to present to our directors some really good market intelligence a person normally wouldn’t find.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Beverage Company