Recruitment Research Goes Beyond Surface-Level Searches in 2013

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December 10, 2012
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December 14, 2012

When making the comparison between a simple online search versus advanced recruitment research, the differences are undeniable. Where LinkedIn or other forms of social media scratch at the surface of revealing a candidate’s potential, recruitment research takes the methodology a step further by going beyond databases and job boards to uncover all there is to know about potential candidates and top talent.

Organizations often have limited time and resources to commit to uncovering talent; recruitment research allows for the entire population to be uncovered because it involves a professional sourcing consultant with industry-specific knowledge and background doing the investigative work.

Recruitment research can have a higher guaranteed accuracy rate.

A recent study conducted by ICM group uncovered that at least 9% of the LinkedIn population has embellished their career achievements on their profile. In addition, 25% of people said they have lied on a resume.

Even the new LinkedIn endorsements may not be an accurate depiction of talent: the study revealed that 10% of LinkedIn users endorse a connection simply to be endorsed back and not actually on the basis of evaluating their work.

As 2013 is fast approaching, be cautious of research methods that fail to accurately identify professionals with the best talent. Recruitment research that entails phone methodology, organizational charts, and a full report of each candidates’ qualifications can ensure that an organization is uncovering the talent they want and need.

A Shifting Staffing Landscape for 2013:

Techniques, Goals and Forecasts for Candidates and RecruitersAcross the board, the staffing and recruiting industry is gearing up for changes in the coming year. Despite the rocky state of the economy, the staffing industry is slated to make about $213 billion in 2013, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. This coincides with reports that show more people are planning on prioritizing their professional life in 2013.

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