Recruitment collateral is a key piece of recruitment marketing.

But not everyone understands what it is or why it matters.

Recruitment collateral refers to any materials you can use to attract candidates.

Think sales collateral, but for recruiting.

It’s the foundation of your recruitment marketing strategy.

In today’s talent market, competition is fierce.

Furthermore, it’s getting crazy expensive to hire key candidates.

You Need to Stand Out From the Crowd

Part of the challenge is the amount of opportunities available. Skilled candidates can find a job at countless companies.

Recruitment marketing is about standing out. In other words, you have to differentiate yourself. It’s making a case for why someone should work for YOU – not the other guys.

And it all starts with recruitment collateral.

Recruitment Collateral Piece #1 – An Amazing Careers Page

This is the big one! You need an engaging careers page. A simple list of openings won’t cut it.

Highlight what makes your business an awesome place work. Call out your mission, culture, benefits, etc. Check out big companies like Microsoft for inspiration.

Pictures and videos go a long way here. Show off your workplace. Meanwhile, everyone can tell if you’re using stock photos. Use pictures of real employees to make your workplace warm and inviting.

Recruitment Collateral Piece #2 – LinkedIn Profile

It’s important to have a professional presence on LinkedIn. Reviewing your profile is the first thing candidates will do when you InMail them. It’s a key piece of recruitment collateral.

Here’s a checklist of LinkedIn must-haves for every recruiter:

  • Professional, recent headshot
  • Simple, professional yet visually appealing banner
  • Description of your role and how you help candidates
  • Details on your areas of expertise or specialization

Remember you’re a stranger when you first contact a candidate. Above all, show them why they should trust you!

Recruitment Collateral Piece #3 – Active Social Media Accounts

Putting your company on social media is important. But that’s not enough. Unless you’re posting regularly, new people will never find you.

Try to post at least once a day. Pick the platforms that are most valuable for your business. Usually, LinkedIn or Facebook are your best bet. Likewise, Twitter is also valuable.

For example, post pictures of events. Share updates on the business and more. Any posting is better than none!

Candidates will browse your social media before applying. In sum, give them a snapshot of what’s current with your business!

Recruitment Collateral Piece #4 – Social Proof

There’s a concept in sales and marketing called “social proof.”

It means evidence that other people have found value in your product.

In other words, it’s about using testimonials, reviews, and so forth to help sell.

These things build trust.

The same principle is valuable recruitment collateral. Showcase pictures of happy employees. Furthermore, include quotes from employees on your career page.

In brief, show why your employees like your business. And don’t forget video testimonials…

Recruitment Collateral Piece #5 – Video

Video is super important for recruitment collateral! Nothing shows off your employer brand like video. You can do a walkthrough of your office. Similarly, you could shoot a video of an employee describing their experience.

Video gets a lot of results on social media. In addition, video makes you feel like you’re really there. It makes you seem like more than just another company online.

When in Doubt, Borrow Inspiration

With recruitment marketing, it can be hard to know where to start. Writers block is real. Alternatively, maybe creativity isn’t your thing. It can be hard!

When you’re stuck, look at other companies’ marketing materials. How do they sell their products? How do they attract candidates? Ask yourself how you could do the same. It’s worth the effort!