Businesses everywhere are experiencing a historic labor shortage. Employees are quitting en masse, and not just over concerns about returning to the office. Meanwhile, recruiters are scrambling to find candidates…but there’s just not enough talent to go around. Despite these challenges, many talent acquisition teams are stilling missing a HUGE opportunity in recruiting. I’m talking about employer branding and recruitment marketing. Few companies have taken the time to make sure their employer branding is done right. Everybody has a careers page, but does yours really sell your company as an exciting opportunity? Does it really make you stand out from the crowd? And many companies have neglected employer branding entirely! In this candidate-driven market, now more than ever you need an employer brand that sets you apart from the competition. But what does that look like in practice?

What Makes an Employer Brand Effective?

A great employer brand offers a shared sense of purpose, impact, and belonging. It spells out what your organization stands for and WHY your organization exists. Money only motivates people so much. That’s why candidates and employees alike need to have a crystal-clear understanding of your purpose beyond money. How does your company make an impact in others’ lives for the better? How does your organization serve your community or make the world a better place? Candidates don’t just want a paycheck. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, working toward a common goal and making a real impact with their work. Your employer brand takes all these ideas and offer an answer as to why people should work for you…not the other guys!

An Effective Employer Brand Repels Some Candidates Too

It may sound crazy, but your employer brand should actually turn some people away as well. If you’re a recruiter today, it can feel like you want to attract every candidate possible. But think of the big picture. If you hire people that quit within a few months…it ends being a waste of time and money for the company. In recruiting, quantity is not your friend! That’s why the best employer brands actually turn away the candidates that won’t be a good fit long-term. Your employer brand should offer a positive yet realistic look at your company. If your organization expects long-hours in exchange for flexibility, don’t advertise your workplace as “laid-back and easy-going.” In that situation, it’s best to emphasize that candidates are expected to work hard, but will rewarded accordingly. In brief, you want to give candidates the good AND the bad about your company. That way, you’re not wasting anyone’s time or rushing to fill the same role 90 days later when their experience didn’t live up to expectations.

If You’re Not Standing Out, You’re Blending In

Employer branding is hard. So is getting the message out with recruitment marketing. But the reality is if you’re not standing out, you’re blending in. Candidates are spoiled for choice. If you’re not leveraging employer branding and recruitment marketing to get candidates interested in your positions, you’re putting your recruiting team at a huge disadvantage. If you’re interested in building a better strategy for connecting with the RIGHT candidates, schedule a consultation with our team today.