Diversity recruiting tools offer companies a huge advantage with DEI initiatives.

Companies that are more diverse are more profitable, more innovative, and more successful.

But if you’re trying to improve gender diversity or racial diversity, it can be a big challenge.

However, with the right tools and approach, you have much greater odds of success.

Here are three tools we recommend looking into for your next DEI initiative.

Diversity Recruiting Tool #1 – Perception Predict 

If your industry lacks diversity, it can be hard to meet diversity goals.

It limits your talent pool.

But what if you could hire unexperienced candidates who you knew would excel?

That’s exactly what Perception Predict does for sales talent.

(It also works for customer service and other metrics-driven roles).

It analyzes your existing team…

And gives you a blueprint of what to look for in a candidate.

It’s so accurate at predicting performance, it allows you to hire candidates right out of college or even high school.

With the proper training, it predicts performance with 80% accuracy.

While not originally designed as a diversity recruiting tool, it’s invaluable for this purpose.

If your industry lacks diversity, Perception Predict allows you to hire outside your niche while still making high-quality hires.

Best of all, you can maximize your recruiting budget hiring candidates with less experience who have a lot of potential!

Diversity Recruiting Tool #2 – Textio 

Inclusive recruiting starts with your job description. Textio is a writing platform that helps you eliminate bias. It can be used for job descriptions, career sites, and more.  

We wrote our own article about inclusive job descriptions here.

You may assume all job descriptions are inclusive.

But if you’re not careful with your word choices, you could discourage certain candidates from applying.

For example, women rarely apply to jobs unless they meet 100% of the job requirements. On the other hand, men will apply even if they only meet 60%.

As a result, companies end up with teams with low gender diversity.

Among other features, Textio flags corporate cliches. It also offers pointers on how to make your writing more accessible.

Lastly, it shows if you’re missing language for reasonable accommodations.

Textio is a valuable diversity recruiting tool because it helps you make a positive first impression. In a competitive search, that can make all the difference. 

Diversity Recruiting Tool #3 – Recruitment Research

Finding candidates is the first step in any search.

It’s also one of the biggest challenges in diversity recruiting.

That’s where research comes in as a diversity recruiting tool.

Our research helps uncover candidates related to your needs.

Whether it’s improving gender or racial diversity, we find candidates relevant to your search.

The data we deliver is customized to meet your situation. We can find candidates in specific metro areas.

Anyone can find candidates on LinkedIn. Our research offers direct dials for candidates no one else is finding.

Lastly, you can also use our research to uncover the true diversity of your competitors. 

The Right Tools for the Right Job

It’s not easy to recruit for diversity.

However, with the right mindset, tools, and strategy, it’s not as difficult as it seems. The best favor you can do for yourself is to create a detailed strategy and adopt the right tools before you start!