The talent shortage is still in full swing – and recruiters are feeling the crunch.

Whether it’s engineers, healthcare professionals or developers, companies are still struggling to hire enough qualified talent.

As a recruiting leader, you’re likely under a lot of pressure to shorten time-to-fill as well as improve quality of hire.

To make that happen, here are three powerful tools to give your team an edge.

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A Strong Employer Brand

A compelling employer brand is key to winning great talent in today’s day and age. Traditionally, recruiters and hiring managers have asked candidates, “what can you do for me?”

But in today’s talent market, we need to flip the script. Candidates are asking what your company offers THEM – and you better have a good answer on your careers page!

Develop an employer value proposition that makes it clear what your company has to offer. Make sure your careers site shows why someone should work for you…not the other guys.

Creating a strong employer branding message is a huge advantage when talking to candidates and winning their interest in your positions.

Tools to Find Candidates Other Companies are Missing

Anyone can find candidates on LinkedIn and job boards. As a result, those candidates are already bombarded with messages from recruiters.

In order to make quality placements, you need to find candidates that other companies are missing.

Give your recruiters time and resources to attend in-person events to build their network.

Additionally, you can invest in other tools to find candidates that aren’t on social media. Qualigence research allows you to connect with the entire talent pool, getting direct dials for candidates relevant to your search.

Lastly, you can invest in training to show recruiters how to find quality candidates through other methods to uncover a broader talent pool.

Tools to Better Engage with Candidates

Once you’ve found candidates, you need to make sure you’re actually engaging them. Automated messaging tools can be invaluable in helping recruiters stay connected with a broad range of candidates.

For example, recruiters can set up automated check-in messages to ask how candidates are doing every three months, which is helpful for nurturing relationships while saving you time.

You can even go a step further with selection tools like the Predictive Index (PI). PI allows you to understand what drives an individual and how they are likely to behave in the workplace, which can help you make sure you’re selecting the right person for the right role, team and company.

After all, it’s no use engaging someone if they wouldn’t make a quality hire anyway!

Now is the Time to Innovate

If you want to achieve different results, then it’s time to leverage a different approach. Recruiters have one of the hardest jobs facing this tough talent market. If you are serious about slashing time-to-fill and boosting quality of hire, look at what tools you can give your recruiters to increase their chances of success!

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