Employer branding isn’t just a key advantage to hiring, it’s one of the most valuable assets you can have in recruiting!

The benefits of employer branding are extensive. A strong employer brand makes it easier to recruit and retain top professionals, reduces recruiting expenses, and can even help with DE&I initiatives. It’s a great tool for putting people at the center of your business. Unfortunately, it also can be very difficult to build the right brand. Here are three common employer branding mistakes – and how to avoid them.

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Focusing on Perks, Salary and Other Rewards

When people think about how to attract talent to their company with an employer brand, their minds often jump to specific rewards like salary, perks and so forth.

However, anybody can offer these things. You can offer the highest salaries, the best perks and awesome benefits, but a competitor can always come along and outbid you.

The best employer brands focus on something bigger. They focus on the impact their organization has on their community, or even on the world. These brands highlight how their employees make a difference, and why working for them is so rewarding. In brief, they offer a sense of purpose.

Focus on something your competitors can’t steal – your purpose!

Focusing on Short Term Gain vs. Long Term Rewards

Creating a strong employer brand can take a lot of time and resources. As a result, it’s natural to want to see some ROI on your employer brand sooner rather than later. It’s important to remember that it takes a long time to build a reputation.

Employer branding and recruitment marketing is a long-term strategy – it’s about communicating a cohesive brand message for the long haul. If you get anxious to see results and change course often, you’re liable to throw money and resources away without anything to show for it.

Choose a message that you can stick to long-term. You can always make changes and improvements, but your core message should stay consistent over the years. It may take time, but the results of crafting a strong employer brand over the years are well worth it.

Creating Your Employer Brand Message Exclusively in the Board Room

Creating the right messaging for your employer brand is an important process. It’s crucial that you get it right, and so it can be tempting to leave the decision to senior leaders at the company. The problem here is that no one at your company knows your employer brand like your employees.

There’s no better ambassador for your business than the successful employees who’ve been with your organization for years and years. Hold surveys, conduct interviews, do whatever you have to do to get input from your employees. You can make the final decision in the boardroom but be sure to get input from employees at every level before you do!

Employer Branding is Worth Getting Right

A reputation is a powerful thing. However, once you start establishing a reputation, it’s hard to change it. Take the time to make sure you’re communicating the right message to audiences and positioning your company in a strategic way.

Before you know it, your brand will be helping you address your biggest challenges and driving amazing hires to your organization!

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