Break The Chains of Traditional Recruiting Models


We approach recruiting like a path to discovery, not like a transaction.

At Qualigence International, we pride ourselves in having highly trained, professional, and personable recruiters. We understand that in order to place supreme talent, we have to understand each candidate's skills, motivators, and career goals. If they don't match your specific needs, we're not afraid to say they're simply not a good fit—and we won't stop searching until we find someone who is.

At the end of the day, we're in business to match your organization with the unbeatable talent; talent that'll inspire the retention you need for lasting success.

Plain and simple.

The R.O.C. Method governs every step in our recruiting process

Proprietary research tools and traditional sourcing methods give us access to 100% of the talent pool the ability to deliver accurate candidate and company data.

Our outreach strategy was intentionally crafted to learn more about who a candidate is, not just her skills, to deem an opportunity a great fit.

The Core-4 Production is designed to measure and determine a candidate’s capacity, character, competency, and culture fit within an organization.

The Core-4 Purpose is a scientific approach we use to dig deeper into candidates’ psyche to learn their wants, needs, motivations, and aspirations.

Over 80% of employees are fired because character, competency, and culture were never evaluated.

  • 80%

Our unique structured hourly rates set us apart from the competition

We’re all about convenience and feasibility.

That’s why, with our hourly model, you’ll save an average of 50-60% on your cost per hire.

Recent Placements

Safety Trainer
Burnaby, BC

2.5% cost per hire

Account Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

6.7% cost per hire

VP Marketing
Seattle, WA

13.4% cost per hire

Marketing Associate/Office Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI

11% cost per hire


We’re over sending countless impersonal LinkedIn messages and likely-deleted emails.

It’s our job to construct a strategic plan for outreach. Before our recruiters ever talk to a candidate, we ensure that they’re trained to sell, market, and communicate in a way that makes developing a genuine relationship a natural process.


You choose our level of involvement

You’re the ultimate decision-makers, so we’ll never wedge ourselves in places we don’t belong. You can choose any of the following 4 levels, ranging between $120/hour for recruiting consultants and $150/hour for senior or specialized recruiting consultants (that’s right, no contracts).


1. First Steps

Our recruiting consultants can take preliminary steps to pinpoint one-on-one interviewers, polish position and candidate profiles, and neatly package this information so you can the pursue next steps however you see fit.


2. Qualification Assessment & Needs Analyses

At this level, think of our recruiters as conversation starters. You can expect us to:

• Identify and contact candidates
• Interview peers of candidates
• Obtain resumes and/or create concise biographies of all interested candidates
• Compare resumes against ideal candidate profiles

To top it off, we’re happy to manage your ATS System if needed.

3. Candidate Development & Engagement

We take a humanistic approach to everything we do, which is why we invest the time to fully grasp each candidate’s wants, needs, and wishes in each potential role.

To get started, we:

• Develop a list of interested and qualified candidates
• Nurture and maintain a successful working relationship with candidates
• Review the candidate list with you personally and prepare candidate qualification briefs
• Develop interview preparation sheets


4. Take the reins from start to finish

We’re fully prepared to take charge of the full lifecycle of your recruiting process. Our recruiters:

• Complete candidate qualification briefs
• One-on-one interviews with every A and B rated candidates
• Evaluate interview results and compile a list of finalists

Move forward with an offer, handle negotiation, and follow up with the winning candidate.