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Are You Using the Right Firm?[/section]
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So What’s the Difference?

Retained, contingent, executive search, hourly…with so many recruiting models circulating the business world, many professionals struggle to comprehend the unique differences each type of firm provides.

Each model purports to be the most efficient and cost-effective, but there are distinct differentiators between firms that must be considered when assessing what your organization needs to streamline your talent strategy.

Alternative, hourly firms that offer both recruitment research and recruiting are more likely to take the time to find the right candidate for the right reasons, providing the client full control over the process and taking candidate qualification as far as is determined by the client.

Such firms can manage or augment your recruiting strategy and consists of a team that is specialized across industries and functions, utilizing a variety of sourcing methodologies beyond web search to access the entire candidate pool.


See How We Are Different

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Keeping such factors in mind will aid organizations in their search for the right firm and can greatly decrease the frustration that comes with finding the right candidate. Most importantly, one must note that when it comes to recruiting and search firms, choosing one with a focus on quality of hire is a must in today’s talent shortage.[/section]

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