Recruiters Beware: LinkedIn Membership Changes May Loom

September 17, 2014
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September 12, 2014
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September 19, 2014

Are you searching for candidates on LinkedIn? You're not alone. According to Forbes, over 97% of Recruiters use the professional social media platform as a talent acquisition tool.

But waves of recent changes to the networking giant may put Recruiters at risk. Member blocking, which allows users to be rid of overzealous Recruiters, paired with InMail spam blockers, which limit the amount of 'Great Opportunity' messages Recruiters can send, are among other privacy restrictions and changes to LinkedIn in recent years.

But Recruiters on LinkedIn may be in for even more trouble on the horizon.

A sales representative for LinkedIn recently shared via a telephone conversation that drastic changes to Recruiter memberships will soon be under way. These changes include a mandatory paid account for Recruiters, with fees as much as $695 per month.

Additionally, LinkedIn plans to remove Team Account memberships altogether, no longer allowing teams of Recruiters to have multiple premium accounts under the same cost structure.

One can speculate that these proposed changes would be an added incentive for Recruiters to pay to be on LinkedIn, a tool where they can currently glean viable candidates free of charge. It could also whittle down the overabundance of Recruiters on the social networking platform and balance out the Recruiter/Candidate ratio.

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