Season 7 | Episode 4

purposeful recruiting changes lives

Today we sat down with Roberta Bownes, a recruiting consultant here at Qualigence, to talk about why she loves recruiting…and why she believes it’s one of the most important roles in business!

An Eye-Opening Moment

Roberta opened up by sharing a bit about her experience as well as the moment she really fell in love with recruiting.

“When I began technical recruiting…that’s when I realized how important recruiting is.”

She was working for an organization that was separating from their parent company, which caused some layoffs. As a result, she was tasked with helping an engineer (who had put in thirty years of service at the company) find a new role at the organization or he would receive a severance package.

“In having conversation with him, I’m hearing this person’s voice break in tears. He had two adult children, one at Michigan State, one at University of Michigan, and a $3,000 mortgage to maintain. And so I understood how important it was in finding him a job. I was successful in replacing him within the company, so that was great.”

Recruiters Change Lives

This experience really brought into perspective just how big of a difference recruiters can make in a person’s life.

“I have a saying…doctors save lives, recruiters change lives. We really have the ability of taking someone’s life and moving it to a much better situation. Going through that experience, I realized how important recruiting was, and although I tend to focus on the more professional-level employees, I’m still making a very important difference. I’m able to impact families in a positive way and help to move them forward.”

“That’s why I fell in love with recruiting…I cannot imagine doing anything else…it’s not just my career, it’s my ministry, it’s my passion.”

The Opportunity to Experience Different Stories

Roberta shared another story about working with an engineer who was unhappy with their current role.

She estimated that she spent about 30 hours on the phone talking to the candidate and figuring out what he wanted out of a new position as well as what really inspired him in the workplace.

“I was able to place him where he moved to VP of Technology. To this day he’s still in that role and he’s doing really well and he loves it…If you love what you’re doing, greatness will come. I try to work with people to understand what their passions are. What’s important to them in life? If they could create their ideal role in life, what would it be? And then work to find ways to help more align to get to that place.”