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Dualta Doherty, The Recruiters Recruiter

Season 5, Episode 5:


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This week on Recruiter Fuel, Steve had the opportunity to interview Dualta Doherty, someone who has been working to make an imprint in the recruiting industry. After noticing the huge presence that Dualta has brought to social media, seeing the passion that he has for recruiting – the team knew that Steve absolutely had to sit down with him, even if it had to be done virtually! You will learn quickly why Steve referred to Dualta as a “Recruiters Recruiter.”

Dualta comes from an extensive background of recruiting so it’s no wonder that he has discovered such a passion for improving the recruiting world. He is currently the Managing Director of a recruitment agency called Pro-Recruitment Solutions that works globally, specializing in agency recruitment. In addition to recruiting, Dualta also has a podcast series with Pro-Recruitment Solutions, called Recruiter Abroad, that features interviews with a variety of agency recruiters all over the world, as well as interviews with Founders, Investors, Thought Leaders and heads of the recruiting industry.

“What is the purpose of the podcast?” asked Steve.

“It’s an evolving purpose,” said Dualta. He continued, “As a recruiter, I believe that all the work that we do should be based around having an inbound traffic of candidates and clients coming to you so we can be consultative and use our time in the best way possible, as opposed to making a hundred calls, keep at it and keep making calls.” The challenge was to find a way to create content that is interesting, engaging and thought-provoking. After a lot of research, combined with his interest in agency owners and independent recruiters, having the opportunity to share their stories has become very liberating and gratifying for Dualta.

Using content to drive or brand candidates – How does this differ from the way recruiting used to be?

The first thing Dualta and his wife did was read ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ by Timothy Ferriss and applied some of the tips mentioned in the book to their job structure. After building a team of virtual recruiters, Dualta was able to develop a brand for himself via LinkedIn. Between leveraging LinkedIn and his podcast, Dualta has been able to rely on those tools to promote his company and build a relationship with the candidate or client.

Are you a media company with a bit of recruiting in your approach or a recruiting company that happens to do media?

“I’m a recruiter trying to figure it out”, said Dualta. Dualta’s passion is figuring out solutions in the business of hiring rather than making a hundred sales calls in a day. He loves meeting and working with candidates or clients, but his ultimate goal is helping others find the best solution to whatever their troubles may be within the recruiting industry – which is where his passion really shines. It’s clear that Dualta has more on his to-do list than just placing anyone in a role. His eagerness and ambition to find solutions for his clients show that he isn’t done leaving his mark in the industry!


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