Target, Tour, and Tilt: A Value-Driven Recruiting Strategy


Episode 1: Target. Tour. Tilt.


The talent shortage is real, and we can’t let top candidates slip away because we don’t know how to create additional value to candidates—value they can’t find anywhere else.

So, create it. Produce value by approaching recruitment from a new lens: Target, Tour, and Tilt.

TARGET. Identify the end-goal. What steps can you take to reach your target destination without stripping away value?

TOUR. Guide candidates through an opportunity. What’s the best way to engage with candidates and uncover their needs, wants, and desires?

TILT. Take their needs, wants, and desires and create additional value. What can you do to tilt them toward making the ultimate decision?


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Authentic value is the foundation of making a decision, so make the decision an easy one.

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