4 Recruiting Solutions to 1 Big Problem.


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How is that recruiters actually deem an interview successful? Do they reference a checklist? Did they make a decision based on a personal bias and not so much the skills, character, or ability to do the job successfully and up to the company’s standards?

You’d think there’d be some sort of standard process across the recruiting industry. As you probably already know, there is no standard process, and this makes a recruiter’s job much more complicated than it should be.


Core 4 Methodology


Core 4 Methodology is a quantifiable vetting process designed to evaluate, and thus determine, if a candidate will thrive in her next role at a new company. This process objectively searches for signs of compatibility from the company’s perspective as well the candidate herself, and it’s segmented into 3 categories.


Episode 8: Core 4 Production


In episode 8, we’re going to examine 1 of the 3 segments called Core 4 Production. The goal of Production is to find out if the candidate can “produce” in a way that fits the company’s expectations. It evaluates a candidate’s:

• Capacity
• Character
• Competence
• Culture

How exactly do we do that? Let’s find out together.

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