13 Candidate Questions. 1 Step Closer to the Answers.


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By tuning into last week’s episode, the “Baker’s Dozen” of Candidate Questions Part 1, you understand now that, when candidates are overcome with stressors and pains, you have potential to be the solution they need.


Part 1: Recap


As you begin to watch the full episode, keep in mind the following 6 questions we talked about last week.

1. Where are you today?
2. What’s working in your role today?
3. What’s not working in your role and/or company today?
4. Why do you feel like it’s not working?
5. What’s missing?
6. What do you feel like you need in your next role?


Episode 7: The “Baker’s Dozen” of Candidate Questions Part 2


In the second portion of Recruiter Fuel’s 2-part episode, we’re going to reveal the final 7 questions in the “Baker’s Dozen.” By the time we're through, you’ll be ready to go out and recruit with more purpose and direction than ever before.

Don't have time for a video? Click here to download an outline of episode 7.


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