It’s Time to Get Up Close & Personal with Candidates.


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The introductory stage in recruiting is potentially the most critical. If the recruiter doesn’t connect with the candidate within the first few minutes, she can consider it a missed opportunity.

To effectively connect with a candidate, recruiters should paint a Personalized Picture. And she can do this by exercising 3 distinct phases: identify the problem, introduce the solution, and ask targeted questions.


The problem. The solution. The question.


Before a recruiter can even begin to discuss an opportunity with a candidate, she has to first familiarize herself with 1 or 2 industry-specific problems candidates might face. She then proposes these problems to the candidate.

Once the candidate confirms the pain points, a recruiter can transition into how she’s a credible resource to aid in a solution. The recruiter will elaborate on her experience in resolving the candidate’s precise pains.

And finally, the recruiter is ready to get to the root of the problems by asking targeted questions regarding the candidate’s pains—not just industry pains.


Episode 5: How to Paint a Personalized Picture for Every Candidate


This week’s episode of Recruiter Fuel will provide step-by-step instructions for all those modern recruiters who are ready to paint a Personalized Picture.


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