Traditional Recruiting is Out. Active Attraction is In.


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Recruiting isn’t about you or the company; it’s about the candidate


Chase the candidate. Be aggressive. Be relentless. Always be closing. Exploit the pain points. Sales and recruiting training documents have likely reamed that into your head since the minute you started recruiting.

I'm sure you also thought that 80% of your time should be spent pitching and closing.
And hey, maybe that worked back in the day, but today, it just doesn’t cut it.


85% of recruiting efforts should focus on engagement & trust


Ask about issues. Inquire about desires and career pursuits. Gather the pros and cons of current or previous roles. Learn pains, pleasures, and personal objectives.

Those are the conversations you want to have with candidates—the conversations where you have a dialogue to uncover why and how you can help them.

It’s different, we know. But you have to stop following traditional recruiting models by the book and start recruiting with an entirely new model: Active Attraction.


Episode 4: Traditional Recruiting vs. Active Attraction


This week’s episode of Recruiter Fuel will teach you all the bells and whistles about how to replace stodgy recruiting models with Active Attraction.

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