3 Modes of Effective Communication… That You Probably Aren’t Practicing


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Average conversion results are cool, but doubled conversion results are even cooler


We can bet that about 99.9% of recruiters communicate ineffectively. And it isn’t even a conscious error—we were the victims of poor advice is all.

Ah, but your conversion results are average! You’re obviously doing something right… right? Hold on. Just reflect for a second. Ask yourself, “Do I tell candidates about a new role or company, or do we have a dialogue about it?”

Don’t know the difference? Let us explain in this week’s episode of Recruiter Fuel.


Episode 3: Declare, Debate, & Dialogue: 3 Modes of Communication


Now, no one’s trying to bash anyone here. Behavioral scientists agree that we’re the least persuasive when we tell, or declare, information… so why is that our go-to communication method?

We’re the most persuasive when we have a normal dialogue that sparks a debate, or one-on-one discussion… so let’s make that your go-to communication style.

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