Core-4 Purpose: Understanding the Candidate


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Core 4 Methodology


Core 4 Methodology is a quantifiable vetting process designed to evaluate, and thus determine, if a candidate will thrive in her next role at a new company. This process objectively searches for signs of compatibility from the company’s perspective as well the candidate herself, and it’s segmented into 3 categories.


Episode 9: Core-4 Purpose


In episode 9, we’re going to examine 1 of the 3 segments called Core-4 Purpose. The goal of Purpose is to find out if the company is a good match for the candidate’s wants, needs, expectations, and abilities. Recruiters can better understand the fit between candidate and company by learning the candidate’s:

• Pain
• Pleasure
• Pursuit
• Personal

How exactly do we do that? Stick around and find out.

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