No One Ever Complained About the Baker’s Dozen


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No one loves their job every single day. There are ups and downs, inconsistencies and annoyances. It’s normal. But, working in a constant state of downs, inconsistencies, and annoyances is not normal. Incessant pains and problems shouldn’t be the only consistent aspect of a job.

Miserable employees might not know how to solve these problems, either. In fact, they might not even know what makes them so unhappy; all they know is that something’s got to give.


13 Questions. 1 Solution.


Recruiters, you’re the solution to their problems. You have to uncover candidates’ specific pains and motivations in order to position yourself as a credible problem-solver. You do this not by conducting research about popular industry-specific pains, but by asking candidates the “Baker’s Dozen” of Candidate Questions.


Episode 6: The “Baker’s Dozen” of Candidate Questions


In this week’s 2-part episode of Recruiter Fuel, we’re going to reveal 13 powerful questions that aim to unearth the good, the bad, and the ugly of a day-in-the life of every candidate.

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