The Power of Trust:
How to Combat Candidate Skepticism in Post-2008 America


Recruiting is more than pitching an opportunity


While the economy is reviving itself and employment is rising, repercussions from the economic collapse still linger.

Folks lost their 401Ks, their homes, and their jobs, all in what felt like seconds. News sources were constantly bombarding us with reminders of the collapse. As a result, the mind of the average job-seeker shifted. Any trust in banks and organizations dissipated. And now, nearly 10-years later, that distrust continues to rear its head. That distrust is then projected onto recruiters… unless we step up and change the game.

Be prepared to enter a situation founded on distrust—and that’s okay. The solution? Build trust.


Episode 2: Living & Recruiting in a Post-Trust Era


In this week’s episode of Recruiter Fuel, we’ll introduce how recruiters can react, adopt, and initiate a new candidate approach founded on trust.

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