How to Lead Your Hiring Manager: Communicate & Coach


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Last week we started to breakdown how to be a better leader to your hiring manager using the 3 C’s:

1. Consult

  • Clarify
  • Question
  • Counsel

  • 2. Communicate
    3. Coach

    …Except, we didn’t actually get to communicate and coach. You ready to polish off the 3 C’s? Great. Here it goes.


    Episode 12: How to Communicate & Coach Like a Real Leader


    Problem number 1 between recruiters and hiring managers: they can’t communicate in each other’s terms. Their worlds are completely different—but it doesn’t mean you can’t combine the 2 worlds. Revamp your communication strategy by being real and relevant.

    Problem number 2: Crises happen all the time in recruiting, but no one knows how to coach the other person out of the crisis. As a recruiter, you can be that coach. Stick to these key initiatives: facts, feelings, focus, and forward.

    Don't have time for a video? Click here to download an outline of episode 12.


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