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Sourcing & Recruiting on Twitter: 6 Tips to Find Top Talent
August 1, 2018
Recruiter Fuel Season Four is Next Week
August 16, 2018
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Season 3, Episode 12:

What Matters Most: Skill Set or Years of Experience


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In this week's episode, Qualigence International CEO Steve Lowisz, a recruiting industry expert, discusses a candidate's years of experience and how that does not equal a skill. Lowisz tells a recent story about getting a call to help a friend recruit for a VP of Sales position and how the GM and the HR Business Partner declined the candidate: Why? What was wrong? Nothing was a decision based on the fact that the candidate had eight years of experience and not 15 years of experience. So, what is the big deal with that, especially if the candidate meets all the other qualifications?

What you’ll learn in Years of Experience vs. Skill Set

  • Real life examples from a recruiting perspective
  • Situational questions to ask hiring managers and HR business partners
  • How to determine the most important qualifications of a role
  • When and how talent can trump experience

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