How to Win the War for Technology Talent

March 29, 2018
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Episode 8:

How to Win the War for Technology Talent

We’re joined by senior technology recruiting consultant Timothy Frendo to get some insight on where to find top tech talent, what they look for in a new role, and how to get them on board as your next placement.

3 Burning Questions & Answers to Uncover Top Tech Talent

Why do I have such a hard time finding tech talent?

With 6.9 million tech workers in the industry, the talent is definitely out there. Problem is, you might be spending too much time on LinkedIn. Surprising, right? Developers and engineers are constantly working on new technologies--so much so that the last thing on their mind is to update LinkedIn.

So, where are they hiding?

Check out GitHub. It's an open source development platform. Developers can host, manage, and build software alongside millions of other developers... which means you, as a recruiter, can also hop in there. Use it to scope out developers' work in real-time. You can even narrow down profiles by searching software languages, geographic location, and more. It's filled with both established and emerging talent, which leaves you with endless opportunities for candidates.

What do I do once I find them?

Of course, salary definitely plays a factor. Just remember that isn’t always a technologist’s first priority. Individuals in the technology sector are moving fast, always learning and developing new tools, software, and so on. So, they expect the culture and environment to reflect that. Ideally, they want to work somewhere “cool,” somewhere they can make an impact. Explain how they’ll be a part of the progress and innovation in their new role.

No one goes into tech to maintain old systems. They go into it because they want to innovate. Make sure to be straightforward about the state of an organization’s tech and where they’re headed.

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