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March 1, 2018
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March 13, 2018
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Episode 5:

Calling All Recruiters, Sourcers, and TA: Join Real Talk


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About Recruiter Fuel

Recruiter Fuel is a community resource dedicated to all-things recruiting and talent acquisition. Our goal is to deliver knowledge, insight, tips, stories, and news in a way that won’t bore recruiters and TA to death. Think videos, podcasts, and interviews. Think banters and honest opinions.

We already have one season under our belt, The ABC’s of Recruiting. We’re currently in the middle of season two, Real Talk with Recruiters.

That’s where you come in.

...Which brings us to Real Talk

The purpose of Real Talk with Recruiters is to facilitate a solid, trustworthy learning experience for talent professionals. So, we've sat down with recruiting, sourcing, and recruitment researchers to get down to the reality—the nitty-gritty.

Real Talk topics

Our guests have talked about things like:

Wait, why would I want to be featured in an episode?

The recruiting and talent industry is bustling. And huge. And noisy. It's easy to got lost in the crowd. But, whether you've voiced it or not, you do have the knowledge and wisdom that so many of your peers (and their peers) crave. Until now, there just hasn't really been a great way to let your voice be heard by the masses.

We could write a blog or an article like all the other online recruiting resources, but your real experiences are far more valuable, powerful, and downright relatable.

Worried about location and anonymity?

First: you can remain anonymous or show your face to the world—it’s totally up to you. Plus, we’re not concerned with the names of your clients or candidates. Your experiences are our priority.

Second: we want to hear from recruiters across the country. So, whether you're local to Michigan or a couple thousand miles away, we'll make it happen.

Let your voice be heard

Be part of something bigger. You’re the one who lives the recruiting life, who has the experiences, who has the grit to do what you do. So, flaunt it. Join the movement and be featured on an episode of Real Talk with Recruiters.

Watch past episodes of Real Talk with Recruiters on our episode directory.

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